Newage Cables Achieves Landmark LPCB Certificationfor Unmatched Fire Safety

Newage Cables takes the lead in fire safety for Pakistan’s construction industry, becoming the first and only cable manufacturer to achieve “Fire Rated LPCB” certification from
BRE Global.
This prestigious certification signifies the highest level of fire safety and security. LPCB
certification, awarded by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), is a globally
recognized third-party endorsement. It signifies that Newage Cables have undergone
rigorous testing and meet the strictest fire safety and security standards. This prestigious
certification has been ensuring product quality and safety for over 150 years.
Fire rated cables are cables that can maintain circuit integrity for a specified period of time
(180 minutes for Newage Cables, which is the highest category) during a fire. These cables are
designed to resist heat and flames, and are often used in safety critical systems such as fire
alarm systems, emergency lighting systems and sprinkler systems.
Fire rated cables are designed to ensure that emergency systems continue to operate in
extreme fire conditions, and are an important component of fire safety systems.
By prioritizing fire safety and achieving LPCB certification, Newage Cable demonstrates
its dedication to providing reliable and life-saving solutions for the construction industry
in Pakistan and beyond.
Some of the recent projects electrified by Newage fire resistant cables are dolmen mall
Lahore, Zeta Mall Islamabad, Qatar Rail Doha

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